Friday, January 8, 2010

The Arrival


Jull said...

So different from Lizard style! more realistic and the painting are so mastered.You really miss me on the Dreamers 2 "guest book" man!

flaptraps said...

HI Peter!

thanks for the feed back! this stuff is awesome! i would love to see more of your sketchbook stuff, do you have it posted somewhere?

Ian McQue said...

Hey Peter,

Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. Checked out Feininger on your recommendation - beautiful work, I'm flattered by the comparison!

You've got some excellent stuff here, so versatile. Love the 'Moby Dick' painting, fantastic contrast in the lighting. More please!

Cheers, Ian.

Boris Villanyi said...

Hi peter, what's up?

The last are simply awesome, i like very your work with color.
Always a beautiful travel!

Have a nice week end.


The Book of Worlds said...

This artwork is simply amazing. And it fits so neatly with my own setting. I hope you do not mind that I posted it on my own blog.

Peter Oedekoven said...

Hello book of worlds!
I dont mind at all.Youre welcome!

Anonymous said...
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