Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A brave offer


Benjamin von Eckartsberg said...

Very cool idea and great execution.
I like the way the cats start to move on the little guy. Chapeau!

Carlos Ramos said...

Peter! I need to learn to paint digitally like you!
btw: I couldn't paint AT ALL when we hung out.
reposting your Planet of the Apes..

FF said...

Hey! Schön zu sehen, dass es jetzt einen "lebenden" Blog von Dir gibt :-)
Big ups und nuts! Mullet

marry said...

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Peter Oedekoven said...

Hello Mary.Thanks for your comment...but I dont know whats so informative about my blog:)
Just Pictures.

Anonymous said...

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luk said...

fantastic piece of art, im a fan of the mouse ! ;)

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